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These Technological Renovations will Increase the Value of Your Home

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When it comes time to make some improvements at home, many homeowners strive to find a balance between the renovation service singapore that the family will want and those that will increase the value of the home.

But what about technological renovation service singapore and smart products? These days, owners also have to decide whether to invest in features like smart appliances, smart thermostats, non-contact faucets, and even solar panels and spray foam insulation.

Jill Simmons , director of communications for Zillow , explains to Digital Trends : “As with any improvement in the home, spending money on expensive features, materials, etc., does not necessarily increase the value of the home by the same amount. You have to take into account the neighborhood, the style of your home, and its price. If you are thinking about selling, think about the characteristics of a smart home that will attract the most buyers. The more buyers you can attract, the better. ” Therefore, we have selected some technological improvements that may be worthwhile and at the same time increase the resale potential of your home.

Smart thermostats and security systems
Cheap technology, such as smart thermostats and smart home security systems, can make your home stand out and you will not have to spend thousands of dollars for it.

“The new security systems, intelligent thermostats, etc. They are excellent features to attract a buyer, “explains Simmons. Most large security providers, including Comcast and ADT, now offer affordable smart security. In addition, you have the option to buy a home security system to do it yourself (DIY), like SimpliSafe, for about $ 300 dollars. Thermostats like the Honeywell Lyric 5 Thermostat are sold for around $ 115 dollars on Amazon, while others, such as the Nest Learning Thermostat, sell for $ 250.

Tankless water heaters
Tankless water heaters never run out of water because they heat it on demand, instead of storing 40 or 50 gallons of hot water. This will make your home work more efficiently, and it can also save you around $ 80 a year on the bill. The only drawback is the initial cost. A typical tankless water heater can cost between $ 500 and $ 2,000, depending on the model. In addition, the installation costs will also mean an additional $ 1,557 dollars on average, according to Home Advisor.

However, an analysis of Zillow indicates that these products can be worth their initial investment. Thus, households with tankless water heaters sold for 4% more than their expected value. And not only that. These houses also sold 43 days faster than expected.

Solar panels
The solar panels can save owners up to $ 2,000 a year on their energy bills. But, as of 2016, the typical cost of solar panels in the United States is between $ 3 and $ 4 per watt. This means that a 5 kW system costs around $ 12,500 dollars, according to Energy Sage.

However, according to Zillow, households that mentioned solar panels in their description sold for 1.8% more than expected and 41 days faster.

Before updating home technology …
It is a good idea to try to put yourself in the shoes of a buyer. Home buyers want to get the most out of their money and want to make smart investments. For example, if you live in a neighborhood of homebuyers for the first time, it’s probably not the best idea to fill your home with a million-dollar house-level technology. But on the other hand, if you live in a high-end neighborhood, you may not want to skimp on the latest technologies.

“Sellers should try to maintain the character of the house and the neighborhood,” explains Simmons. “In general, smart home technologies can have potential for high-end homes,” he adds.