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Renovation Housing Market: Renovation or Tea Making?

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Everyone knows that there is a strong need for transformation to energy-neutral homes for the existing housing stock. It is also a growing issue for housing associations, while there is still (too) little attention from the supply side.

There are few providers with a good total solution to make homes more sustainable. And yes, the new building is improving, but in fact the market for sustainability and Renovation Service Singapore is many times bigger. The sustainability challenge is falling behind due to the acute lack of the right providers.

Where are the sustainable renovation builders?

There is therefore a particular need for parties that get and keep the total renovation under control. As a co-maker, we renovate several hundred homes per year, supplying and installing prefabricated building components such as roofs, walls, dormer windows and extensions. Renovation service singapore of houses means working together. There are now relatively few contractors who take care of the complete process and resident guidance. But together we can certainly pull out the promising renovation market.

I myself think that insufficient builders are responding to renovation service singapore opportunities because of the improving new construction market. During the crisis, builders clearly placed more focus on renovation, but now that the new building is picking up again, that focus is unfortunately disappearing. That has to do with cold fear, I think. Renovation service singapore requires specific knowledge and expertise. You do not know exactly what you encounter in the process. It is a profession apart, where not all builders are equipped. Going back to the safe and familiar is the easiest way of course.

Energy neutral tea cozy about the house

Nevertheless, renovation can be just as successful as new construction, because the developments are going really fast. Sustainable renovation can of course be done in various ways. The most used solution is to install an ‘energy-neutral tea cozy’ over the existing home. That means of course that, despite the new tea cozy on the outside, the inside of the house remains ‘old’.

Renovation concept

In the case of renovation, both outside and inside are new, building on the existing foundation or ground-floor floor. If you use prefabricated building components, residents can enjoy their ‘new’, energy-neutral home within two to three weeks. As far as I am concerned, that is really the direction in which we all have to think, because the need for energy-neutral renovation is enormous.

Energy-neutral prefab house

A timber frame-shell can be realized very quickly, because you can easily build on the existing foundation or ground-floor floor with timber frame construction. The weight of an HSB home is lower than that of a traditionally built home. Moreover, timber frame construction is already a sustainable construction method. Timber frame construction can also be perfectly combined with other prefab construction methods. For example, a concrete stare floor can be used.

For the renovation market renovation also, a serious option. We notice that the interest in housing associations for our renovation concept is growing. If you calculate the total concept, then the total cost of ownership can be well calculated and the investment can certainly be earned back. Complemented with product and system certificates, correct guarantees can be provided. In this way we have even certified our assembly method of the total concept.

Promising revenue models in sustainable renovation

So, there are certainly promising revenue models for renovation. But then smart total concepts are needed, whereby not only the shell of the house is looked at, but also knowledge of a sustainable energy system is present. If you want success, you have to put your teeth in it. Developing something new does not happen automatically.