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Interior Design to Increase Sales

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How many times have you entered a store and bought something you did not have in mind? This happens because it has attracted your attention with its design, transforming your curiosity into a sale. And this is the magic of interior design. The declaration and distribution of your store is your business card.


The interior design should tell the story of your brand and create immersive experiences. Let’s talk about the basic concepts to design an interior that attracts more customers, get interested in your products and buy them.


The zone of the threshold or zone of decompression, is the first place to which the client accedes. Here, makes the change between the outside world and inside your store and the experience you offer. Here you will judge if it is well or poorly lit, if it is well coordinated and orderly and the prices of your products. It is a space in which it is difficult to focus on any product.

A few seconds later, your real visit begins. Most customers turn to the right in an unconscious way, so the first wall on that side is the first high impact vehicle on the products that are located there. Choose them well, they will be the ones that stand out: new or seasonal, of high salability or demand or take the opportunity to tell a story about your product.


Generally, and depending on the size you have, you have to implement a circular path so that, after turning right, the client will continue walking through the store and see everything. If done well, it is a way to strategically control the flow of traffic. For this it is a good idea to cover the road with different textures to guide the view.


On the other hand, you have to avoid that your client enters with haste and does not look or walk calmly so that he sees your products well. To achieve this, speed reducers can be used, that is, elements that offer the customer a visual rest as special or seasonal signs. These are merchandise stalls located at the end in the middle of the aisles, to stimulate impulse purchases.


You also have to make the client feel comfortable, creating corridors with a sufficient width so that personal space is respected. Finally, the best place to locate the payment box is on the left, just the end of the most usual route started on the right.