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Interior Design Ideas for Children’s Room

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Whether you’re redecorating a baby’s room or a pre-teen’s, your children’s bedroom design can be as sophisticated and stylish as your own. Read our simple recommendations to create a cozy and unforgettable space that both will adore.

The baby rooms

The baby room is a place where parents and their newborns feel comfortable. Put a sofa or a sofa bed to take naps or as a corner to snuggle up. There is no need to use the traditional blue and pink colors when decorating the baby’s room. Adopt the current interior trend of a neutral palette or bet on soft colors to encourage a peaceful environment. Add extravagant trinkets like dream catchers and mobiles to attract your baby’s attention. These pieces that give wings to the imagination also serve as decorative objects.

Decorating the walls with personal appointments is a classic technique for decorating a children’s room. Opt for traditional proverbs in calligraphy or use a short word or phrase in a neon light. Experiment with textures and colors, either with sheepskin rugs, animal-shaped pillows or textured quilts. Delivering bright and tactile pieces around the room will help your son or daughter discover the world as it grows.

The tadpole burrows

Frame your artwork and evoke precious memories in the older baby’s room. Pictures of macaroons, handprints or the first time they wrote your name may seem nice abstract if they are exposed effectively. You can also exhibit children’s books with brightly colored covers. Keep space tidy when not in use by choosing games, toys and useful items that are easy to store. A folding tent or tipi are a practical way to transform a simple bedroom into a fantastic world. Opt for multifunction furniture, such as seats with drawers inside. Bunkers for toys are indispensable and in addition to being well serve as storage, as a bedside table or seat. A diaphanous space will allow your child to be creative to turn their environment into their playground. Try a high bed to free up a lot of space, whether to play or to store toys and games.

The refuge of the preteen

Young minds can change quickly, so it’s worth preparing the decoration of your room well. To avoid frequent and drastic design changes, try wall stickers combined with themed accessories with bedding, pennants and toys. A rug with farm or road design will allow your child to use the entire room to play. Or if you prefer an object that can be stored easily, a table with drawings on its surface produces the same effect. Encourage your children to play using the walls.


Cover them with chalkboard paint to encourage them to paint, install a giant world map to pique their curiosity. With a magnetic strip on the wall your children can have a place to place and rearrange photos or other things. For storage use the entire height of the room with tall shelves or nets on the beds. Hanging door pockets minimizes the number of items to keep at ground level.