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How to Clean a Rubber or Rubber Floor

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When you install a rubber floor, regardless of what type it is, it is important to keep it. Rubber flooring singapore are resistant , but we must know how to treat them   so that they maintain all their properties and their aesthetic presence.

Fortunately, this type of material has good qualities to be durable: absorbs impacts, resists the growth of bacteria, does not affect water, prevents slips, and requires less care than other types of pavements.

Despite being an excellent material, you should clean it regularly, otherwise dirt can adhere to it or lose its shine.

Follow the following tips to keep your rubber flooring singapore in optimum condition. You will only need 3 tools: vacuum cleaner, mop and a mild detergent.

How to clean rubber floor

The rubber or rubber pavement, both laminated in extendable rolls, in tiles or other format, can be placed in sports facilities, shopping areas, rehabilitation, multifunctional, playgrounds, game rooms, industries, etc. and its cleaning does not differ in excess from that of most soils.

Periodicity of cleaning

In the first place, a frequent cleaning should be carried out , daily or weekly, depending on how intensive the use of the pavement is. In transit areas with large pedestrian traffic, public facilities or companies such as gyms cleanliness should be done daily, while in private facilities such as a home gym can be done weekly.

In addition to this, a more thorough cleaning should be carried out periodically , for example once a month, depending on the traffic received by the pavement. For this type of cleaning, in professional installations it will be worth having a specific machine.

How to clean the rubber floor

Aspirate the rubber flooring singapore to remove dirt and debris. Passing the dry mop or sweeping could be uncomfortable if the surface is adherent, so it is preferable to vacuum.


Pass a moistened mop without pouring excessive water, using a mild detergent , and drying off excess water to dry quickly. During scrubbing it is advisable to change the water and soap frequently. The use of bleaches, solvents, acids and other chemical products that are aggressive with rubber should be avoided so as not to erode it.


If the surface is very dirty and there is embedded residues, there is no other way but to kneel and clean manually , rubbing well with a brush until they come out, then mop to rinse. On the other hand, brushes and soft sponges are preferable to scouring pads or brushes with hard or abrasive bristles, which can leave permanent marks on the surface of the pavement, and discolor it.


It is also advisable to use a professional machine to perform a deep cleaning every so often, for example monthly. These machines can combine suction, brushing, rinsing and drying , they are powerful and efficient so they provide a more thorough level of cleaning than normal scrubbing. Although we should not abuse them so as not to wear the floor prematurely. The machine we use should have a soft brush option, which does not mark the floor.


In areas located outside such as playgrounds, where rubber tiles are usually installed, we can use pressurized water machinery  mixed with soap. In this case we must check that the flow thrown by the hose is sufficiently pulverized, and not place the end too close to the ground so that the pressure does not make a dent in the tiles.


In areas that are not facing the public, where aesthetic appearance is not important, such as certain industrial areas, other less “subtle” effective common cleaning tools such as broad-based sweeping brushes or electric brushes with bristles may be used. soft to remove the embedded dirt.

Care of the rubber floor

For pavement to maintain its appearance and its qualities in the best condition, in addition to carrying out the periodic cleaning that we have just commented, we must take into account other precautions, some of them of pure common sense.

Place carpets in the entrances

To prevent sand or mud from depositing on the floor, place door mats at the entrances, so that users can rub their shoes.

Clean spills

Although the rubber is resistant to water, excessive contact with it should be avoided so that it does not interact with the adhesive on the base and take it off. Therefore, discharges should be cleaned as soon as possible. If the adhesive used was suitable for outdoor, this will not be a problem. However, as with all types of floors, it is always convenient to collect the spilled liquids and not leave them stagnant. Much more important will be if the spill is of grease, coffee or some other product that can react and damage the surface.

Avoid the use of chemical products

Adding chemicals, especially if they are alkaline, or waxes to the ground could cause a change in their appearance. Using strong solvents or acids could also cause the rubber to deteriorate. It is best to use soft or neutral detergents, in fact if the surface is clean enough sometimes you can perform periodic cleaning only with water.

Taking care of your rubber flooring singapore will ensure that it always maintains its original appearance , and will help ensure that the investment made is durable. As you have seen doing it is not difficult.