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How to Capture the Brand in Interior Design

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Getting an interior decoration for our business that surprises and impresses customers is within reach of everyone. That yes, this is intimately related to find the essence of the brand and know how to print it in the decoration of the premises. Because, in interior decoration, success lies in knowing how to capture the identity of the brand, rather than following personal tastes and trends that either will not reach the customer or will go out of style before we realize it.


The identity of the brand is what differentiates it from the rest of the businesses and, being different is what will really attract the attention of the target customers. In order to maximize the identity of the brand, we have to study it and see what is needed and where we want to go in the medium / long term; all being faithful to those things that make it different from the rest.


Once we have obtained the study or briefing to know who the brand is, we will find a problem. How to make all this information understandable to the client? It may be difficult to summarize or a bit complex so, to make it arrive in a clear and direct way to the client, we will use the metaphor. With its great persuasive power, we can create new realities that contain the strategic message that we want and that represents the brand.


The interior design of a place must metaphorically convey the differential features of the brand, whatever they may be. We will use colors, constructions and illuminations that evoke these traits and communicate them to the client in a subconscious way.


To achieve this and convey the identity of the brand, we have to have a good team of interior designers who master the art of combining the color palette, creativity and who can see what the most relevant combination for the client will be.