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EPDM Rubber has Benefits for Your Floors

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The products in EPDM rubber flooring provide a variety of facilities that can be ideal for the spaces you are looking for

The EPDM or Ethylene Propylene Diene rubber is an elastomeric thermo polymer that has unique characteristics, since it is composed of 45% to 75% ethylene; it is used to cover ceilings, thanks to its waterproof properties, ideal for collecting rainwater.

Other uses are in soils for playgrounds, as their ability to cushion make it an ideal material to install in parks for children in order to take care of conditions that could occur in some fall, in addition it is usually very attractive for the most small, it has very varied colors and you can create eye-catching designs that can be part of the game of the little ones.

It is ideal an EPDM rubber flooring for sports floors as it reduces the chances of joint injuries and reduces overexertion of the body, it is ideal to see athletic tracks, access areas for swimming pools, tennis courts, and gyms, among others.

What are the characteristics of EPDM rubber?

As mentioned before, EPDM rubber is a thermo polymer that has unique characteristics that can be used to give better details to your spaces, then you can see what its advantages are:

  •         It is non-slip
  •         It is flexible
  •         Waterproof
  •         Resistant to aging
  •         Resistant to cracking
  •         Resistant to high temperatures
  •         Resistant to non-hydrocarbon chemical compounds
  •         Electrical insulation
  •         Sound insulation

Granulated rubber

Granulated rubber is also an excellent option when installing epdm rubber flooring, has characteristics similar to EPDM rubber, can be installed on various surfaces, is useful when renovating or repairing almost any surface, is a naturally anti-ship product, It does not crack due to its ability to expand and contract with climate change, has a smooth texture and does not scrape, does not allow the spread of weeds, grass or insects, is easy to maintain and is completely customizable, fun and practical.

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