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Epdm Rubber Flooring for Gymnasium Do You Know Its Advantages?

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In a sports facility, having adequate ground is essential. The pavement that we place must allow the realization of the exercise in a comfortable and safe way. It must also be resistant so that it can stay in good condition for as long as possible without having to worry. In addition, there are other important aspects such as its design, simplicity of maintenance, etc.

The Epdm Rubber Flooring for fitness are perfect for installation in centers and sports facilities because they have excellent properties and are available in different thicknesses depending on the purpose you have the room.

We have rolls of continuous pavement made of rubber and polyurethane particles for different types of applications, which stand out for their quality. They are comfortable floors, with good elasticity, very resistant, able to withstand the most severe conditions of use.

Advantages of epdm rubber flooring

Next, we mention the properties that our rubber pavements have, and the benefits they can provide to the users and the installation:


The cushioning capacity of rubber makes it a comfortable material, on which supports and exercises can be carried out comfortably at all times, transmitting to the person a pleasant anti-fatigue effect.


The rubber of the sports floor is a non-slip material with a porous finish, which generally reduces the risk of falls due to slips, and which minimizes the effect of sweat drops and liquids falling on the epdm rubber flooring.

In addition, this material absorbs the impacts of jumps and falls, being more grateful with the joints and limbs of athletes and reducing the risk of injury.


The pavement also absorbs the impacts of falling objects, such as weights. In this way it protects both the gym materials and the ground that acts as a base.

Acoustic insulation.

The rubber has the effect of attenuating the sounds that occur in the sports center, which can be very important depending on the area. Logically this effect will be greater the greater thickness we place.


The great firmness, optimum degree of elasticity and adhesive effect of the rubber provide a stable base to the machines and reduce the vibrations once they come into operation.


Epdm rubber flooring particles has a high wear resistance, even under the most demanding use, and also resists mechanical impacts. This quality will be more important as the use of the installation continues.


The epdm rubber flooring does not smell. This feature, which a priori could be ignored, is essential for any indoor installation, and differentiates it from other conventional epdm rubber flooring that give off a clear and characteristic rubbery odor.

Easy installation and maintenance.

The installation is simple, extending the rolls and applying rubber adhesive on the base to be placed. Cleaning is also easy to do, with vacuum cleaner, neutral soap and water. It is only necessary to avoid the use of detergents such as bleach containing rubber degrading chemicals.


The installation of epdm rubber flooring for gymnasium is an economical and durable solution, so the investment is easily profitable.

Design attractive and sophisticated with the times, with a texture anti-glare.