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In the world of interior design, decoration for summer is something that, without a doubt, many people would like to do, but do not know how to achieve it. And the truth is not something so difficult to do. Just add a couple of furniture and maybe change the color of the walls, and your room, or your bedroom, will change completely.

As we renew our wardrobe and our garments when there is a change of season, we do the same with our home. There is no need to invest so much money if what you want is to decorate your house with decoration for the summer.

Just changing the color of a piece of furniture to a bright tone or adding an accessory such as a rug of bright colors, or prints, we will transform the appearance of any room in our home and little by little, we will achieve that decoration for the summer that we want.


Summer is synonymous with warmth and many colors. Therefore, we must get rid of all the dark furniture that we have and change it for those that are more vivid colors.


The presence of light colors in its vast majority, is almost essential to achieve the decoration for the summer inside your house.


Working with white tones, it is ideal for walls. The sensation of amplitude that the white one gives, fosters the feeling of greater amplitude and will help to dissuade the creation of burdensome atmospheres at this time.


And is that the light colors, provide a visually relaxed, airy and extremely broad and clean. You can paint some walls or use furniture with summer colors such as yellow, green, blue, pink or just white.


Now, if you do not want to get rid of any furniture that you already have, try placing more plants in the decoration. Or maybe, you can fill vases with wildflowers or wild plants (to avoid unnecessary expenses).

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Not only the room is the right place to place plants. In the kitchen, you can also place a glass vase with water and a large bunch of fresh herbs to cook, such as parsley, rosemary or maybe mint.

In addition to being a different decorative element, the plants help to purify the air of the house and to oxygenate the spaces, so it is always advisable to have, at least, a couple of plants in our home.


Stamped furniture? Of course!

The prints with botanical or floral motifs add a tropical and warm touch to the furniture you have.  You can incorporate textiles, sheets or even wallpaper, and you will see how they help freshness, warmth and joy in each and every one of the environments in which we place them, so that in a decoration for the summer, they cannot miss.

For example, if the cushions of your sofa have dark covers, you can replace them with more cheerful and summer covers.

Not only should we limit ourselves to the living room furniture or cushions / pillows. In the bedrooms, we can put sheets or quilt covers with bright and summer colors with floral prints (especially poppies or daisies) or bedding with pastel colors.

If you do not like the idea of ​​having prints as part of the decoration for the summer, you can choose a summer theme such as fruits, flowers, beach, wildlife or sun, and decorate the house depending on the theme we have chosen.

To complete the patterned style of the different furniture that make up your home, if you have a terrace or patio, do not forget to incorporate porcelain dishes with floral motifs, iron jugs and other accessories to add to the summer decoration.